Friday, 12 April 2013

One of my photos is featuring in an online gallery, The Poetic Photography Collection. Not really my style but check it out.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Living At Alidas

I lived with alida for two weeks in March at √Ėstermalm. We didnt have much school and had a cracks time. Alva and Oliva where over for afterpartys a few times, and ofila stayed a few nights with sara. Last few pictures on the way and way back from a 95mers house. Wont be using this camera again, its flash is right off. This will be my last roll developed till im back in england in June.


A roll witch i shot in March. On a new camera so as always some photos are off focus, blurred and underexposed. From stockholm, a few from a pool club. Then a few of Alida as i lived with her 2 weeks in the month. A protest at Kungsholmen against Reva. A picture of Unni before going to moderna. Alva and Oliva when we ended a night with beers at Alidas. And to end, photos from Grafticskolan party. I loved the red light on the wall, over exposed the film.